Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need the ddnames service?

    The service provides the ability to connect hosts with dynamic IP addresses by domain name! The IP will change by your ISP, but the host remains reachable by the domain name. Everything is simple!

  • Dynamic DNS is a technological approach to facilitate access to addresses with dynamic real IP. This will help users get access to the Minecraft server, which is located at your home, for example.

  • Undoubtedly! It's completely safe! The security of your host will not change in any way when using the ddnames service. But now you can access your devices no matter what IP address your ISP assigned for you.

  • Of course, we store some data. There is e-mail, the current IP address of the host you connected to ddnames, your identifier in the system. The password is encrypted and no one including us will know it.

  • First of all, we make this service for ourselves and our infrastructure. Therefore, we do our service at a high-quality level.

  • Yes! You can cancel/pause/upgrade/downgrade your subscription anytime with a click of a button. No question asked.

  • Yes! We have the free plan, so you can experience the full power of Ddnames without paying a penny!

  • There is a free plan, no credit card needed, you don't need to make a purchase while you are in free plan(but you can). If you cancel while in the 14-day trial period, you will be refunded automatically. If you cancel within 7 days after a renewal event, your purchase for the current billing cycle will also be automatically refunded. If you don't see the refund, please contact XXX