Better Dynamic DNS Solution for IoT devices and services.

Get access to your device by domain name, even if your IP address varying all the time.
Ddnames will continuously point your domain to an actual IP address and Make your dynamic IP Act Like It's Static.

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Dynamic Domain Name System based on API, JSON & PowerDNS.

Probably the best choice on market for IoT devices with varying IPs addresses. We build Ddnames as a SaaS product, everyone can use it and have fun.

  • We help people connecting to their remote devices via their own custom domains, even if those devices served on dynamic IP addresses.
  • It doesn't matter how often devices' IP changing, our apps will send the "updated" IP to ddnames servers, which will update domains records accordingly to the changes in the blink of the eye.
  • We support direct JSON & URL requests and automatically bind your data with our servers. Don't worry about your dynamic IP address changing again.
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Ddnames Allows users to overcome the issues related to Dynamic IP Addresses, in attempting to connect to a device somewhere on the Internet whose IP Address may change at any time. Ddnames keeps DNS records automatically up to date when an IP address changes.

The best choice for IoT

Are you an IoT developer? Get access to all your nodes here and now! Changing the IP address will not restrict access to your devices.

For coders

You can work with us almost from any device that can run code(it should be able to send HTTP requests). We support all programming languages, the only thing that matter is the right request format you send.

Platforms support

With our flexible API, you can communicate with hosts served by different operating systems. Linux, Windows, OpenWRT, MacOS - we have prepared detailed instructions for each case.

Unlimited API requests

Your devices are not limited in the number of requests to change the IP address. If your network is not stable and your ISP changes address frequently, ddnames will help you fix this.

Flexible plans

You can start working with ddnames SaaS platform with free of charge account right away.

Personal domains

Ddnames is one of few dynamic DNS platforms which allow its users to attach a personal domain/subdomain on a free plan

Home servers

Good news for those who like to store data at home - now you can access your home network without problems! Just set up Ddnames on one of your PCs and access the home network with one click.

Video monitoring

Installing IP cameras in different locations is no longer a cause for headaches. Specify convenient names for each camera, set up port forwarding and don't worry about changing addresses.

Free hostname

If you don't own a personal domain name, don't worry! We will be happy to provide you with a free sub-domain name and your host will not be left without connection!


For a better understanding of Ddnames work processes. Below we will demonstrate the noteworthy key points of how our application works. And which steps the clients should perform.

Start with Binding your Domain Name with Ddnames NS servers

Set our NS servers: and as primary and secondary at your domain registrar dashboard

Schedule and run our script on your device(it will send it's own IP address to ddnames)

To schedule jobs to run periodically at fixed times: use crontab on GNU/Linux/Mac or Windows Task Scheduler if you're running under Windows OS.
For other systems: use custom code with available HTTP requests libraries.

Ddnames servers will retrieve all the requests from your device

You are not limited in the number of requests. Each change to your address will be received and processed by the Ddnames servers.

Ddnames DNS server instantly updates your domain information(A records) accordingly to the changes.

Updating the A-record of the domain is instant, you will not see any difference - your website will stay available for operations!


By domain we mean: your personal/self-owned/custom domain.
By API calls we mean: how many times your devices will be able to send us a request to Ddnames servers.
Number of requests drops every month.
Price in USD. VAT may apply. Subscription is tied to one Ddnames account.
Unsubscribe anytime. No question asked.


Monthly Subscription

$5 / month

  • up to 9999 API calls
  • 10 Domain/subdomain

Or continue by registering a free account (limited to 1 domain and up 300 requests per month).
...or if you already have an account: Sign In
Need more API calls/requests, more domains or seeking the custom plan? Kindly write to us under contacts


To communicate with ddnames - you should send JSON requests to my specific ddnames paths.
if you're is already familiar with JSON requests, here is the Swagger UI auto-generated API docs.
Don't forget to remove "remove_this_line" from the code, before trying it, otherwise, you will get an error.
You're not forced to use our code, you can create your own!

  • All
  • JSON Requests
  • Python Apps
  • Arduino Apps

JSON non authorized request examples

You can start with non authorized actions. Send the JSON formatted requests for: registering your account and then get the auth token. Follow the steps from github:

JSON authorized request examples

All further actions require the user data alongside with personalized bearer token in the header of the request!
Dont forget to attach the personalized token to each further request, otherwise, you will be non-authorized and be unable to perform actions.

Python apps

Client-side python scripts, copy-paste and its ready to run Python code presents on GitHub repo as well dns-for-iot-python

Arduino Update IP app

This example did not contain Header toket yet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need the ddnames service?

    The service provides the ability to connect hosts with dynamic IP addresses by domain name! The IP will change by your ISP, but the host remains reachable by the domain name. Everything is simple!

  • Dynamic DNS is a technological approach to facilitate access to addresses with dynamic real IP. This will help users get access to the Minecraft server, which is located at your home, for example.

  • Undoubtedly! It's completely safe! The security of your host will not change in any way when using the ddnames service. But now you can access your devices no matter what IP address your ISP assigned for you.

  • Of course, we store some data. There is e-mail, the current IP address of the host you connected to ddnames, your identifier in the system. The password is encrypted and no one including us will know it.

  • First of all, we make this service for ourselves and our infrastructure. Therefore, we do our service at a high-quality level.

  • Yes! You can cancel/pause/upgrade/downgrade your subscription anytime with a click of a button. No question asked.

  • Yes! We have the free plan, so you can experience the full power of Ddnames without paying a penny!

  • There is a free plan, no credit card needed, you don't need to make a purchase while you are in free plan(but you can). If you cancel while in the 14-day trial period, you will be refunded automatically. If you cancel within 7 days after a renewal event, your purchase for the current billing cycle will also be automatically refunded. If you don't see the refund, please contact XXX